Thursday, September 08, 2005

World History Agenda 9 September 2005

Chapter 18 The Enlightenment and the American Revolution ( 1715-1800)

Section 1 Philosophy in the Age of Reason

Agenda and Review HR
p. 456

Captions p. 457 and p. 459
European Political Thinkers Chart

p. 460 1, 3-5.

Section 2 Enlightenment Ideas Spread

Caption p. 461
" p. 462
" p. 464
" p. 465

HW p. 465 #1, 3-5.

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G. Mick Smith, PhD: Social Studies said...

This is the "amazing transformation" section.

Lesson Plan Focus
The ideas of the Enlightenment encouraged people to challenge existing ideas and to seek reform. Some rulers adopted Enlightenment ideas to make their countries more efficient and productive. New styles of art and music included rococo and baroque. New ideas, however, brought little change to the peasants who constituted the majority of the population.