Tuesday, April 11, 2006

WH Ch. 26 Sec. 5 Impact of Imperialism, Library Assignment

Chapter 26 Section 5 Impact of Imperialism
Library Assignment

a) Read the Guide for Reading (Questions, p. 678)

b) Answer the questions:
Cause & Effect Chart, p. 679
Caption, p. 681

c) Imperialism Concept Chart:

Construct a concept chart illustrating the impact of imperialism. The chart should show the effects of imperialism on both the colonies and the Western powers that ruled them. First, draw the skeleton of the concept chart. At the center, in a circle or box, write “Impact of Imperialism.” Draw several lines leading away from the central box or circle. Label a circle or box at the end of the line with each of the following categories.

International Relations

Write out additional lines from each of the concepts or branches and write in specific effects that pertain to each category.

d) Focus of assignment
Students should now be able to write generalizations about the impact of imperialism.