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Robert Bruegmann's ‘Sprawl: A Compact History’
Monday, April 30th, 6:15-8:00 pm
Brew Haha! (212 S. 12th Street - 12th and Locust)

What's so bad about the suburbs? Perhaps the urban hipsters who condemn them as socially- isolating, culturally-homogenous, environmental wastelands are just narrow-minded snobs? Perhaps they are jealous?

Robert Bruegmann argues in Sprawl: A Compact History that the suburbs are part of a healthy, growing metropolis, and represent the ideal living space for most people around the world. His arguments and his book have been the battle-flag of many pro-suburban planners.

A challenge to this controversial argument can be found in the Brookings Institution report, ‘Back to Prosperity,’ which argues that Pennsylvanians should invest in older and urban communities rather than pay the hidden costs of sprawl. It can be found online at

Join other civic-minded young folks to discuss these two points of view, and to hash out the value and cost of the suburbs in the warm embrace of an urban, independent coffee shop.

**Joseph Fox Booksellers, 1724 Sansom Street, will be offering a 10% discount to YIP members on ‘Sprawl.’

Just in case you don’t have time to read the whole book, you should know that our discussion will focus on the introduction, and chapters 1, 10, and 13.

Please RSVP for this event by contacting

WH, Mayor's Electoral Campaign

While issues of homelessness and poverty have barely been raised in the election campaign, they are the focus of the listed organizations. A Voter's Guide is currently being distributed to 25,000 voters. The Voter's Guide features responses by Mayoral candidates Queena Bass, Bob Brady, Dwight Evans, Chaka Fattah, Michael Nutter, Al Taubenberger, and Jesus White to a range of questions covering issues like affordable housing, homelessness, jobs, and meeting human needs.

There are approximately 900,000 potential voters in Philadelphia, almost 200,000 of whom live in poverty and are homeless or at the brink of homelessness, while this election will be decided by just a few thousand votes. The Vote for Homes! coalition has targeted 120 shelters, soup kitchens, health centers, jails, and probation offices in the City of Philadelphia to ensure that they are educated, addressed, and included in the electoral process. This collective voice will be key to moving the candidates to speak to the 25,000 homeless, the 150,000 uninsured, and the one in 12 unemployed Philadelphians who will be voting this May.

The Guide and Forum were produced by the Election 2007: Vote for Homes! coalition, a group of 60 organizations interested in issues of housing, jobs, and services for people living on low-incomes. The Coalition has registered nearly 1,200 people this election season, trained 100 volunteers, and will distribute 25,000 of the Voter's Guides to the public at large.

Vote for Homes! is a nonpartisan advocacy coalition that focuses on the issues of affordable housing, living wage jobs, and quality services in elections. Since 1999, the coalition has registered more than 10,500 homeless and low-income voters, convened several candidates' forums, hosted over one hundred voter education events, and distributed over 25,000 Voters Guides annually. As many as 70 different organizations have participated in the Vote for Homes! coalition.

AchieveAbility * ACORN-Philadelphia * Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Zeta Omicron Lambda Chapter * American Friends Service Committee * Arch Street United Methodist Church * Bethesda Project * Catholic Social Services * Church of the Advocate * Civic House, University of Pennsylvania * Coalition Ingenu * Dignity Housing * Disabled in Action * Drueding Center Project Rainbow* Episcopal Community Services * Ex-Offenders Association of PA * Family Shelter Support Team (FaSST) * Homeless Advocacy Project * Horizon House * Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania * Impact Services Corporation * Institute for the Study of Civic Values * Interfaith Advocates * League of Women Voters-Philadelphia * Liberty Resources, Inc. * Lutheran Settlement House * Mental Health Association of Southeastern PA * Mercy Hospice * New Kensington CDC * Northwest Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network * PathWaysPA * Pennsylvania Prison Society * People's Emergency Center * Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations * Philadelphia Beauty Showcase National Historic Museum * Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness * Philadelphia Health Management Corporation * Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development (PHENND) * Philadelphia Senior Center * Project H.O.M.E. * Ready, Willing, and Able * Resources for Human Development * RHD-Ridge Center * SELF Inc. * SHARE * St. John's Hospice * Temple Center for Nonprofits * Tenant Union Representative Network * The Salvation Army * Travelers Aid Philadelphia * United Communities Southeast Philadelphia * United Way Southeastern Pennsylvania * Visitation Homes * Women of Hope-Lombard * Women of Hope-Vine * Women's Community Revitalization Project * Women's Law Project * WOMEN'S WAY * WomenVote PA * X-Offenders for Community Empowerment * Young Involved Philadelphia

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

WH, India Vocabulary, China, Vocabulary (Chindia)

“Emerging Powers: India”

Two quotes to consider from the video:
“You can’t just sit on your backside.”
“Perform or fail.”

1. Enlightenment
2. state-controlled
3. capitalism
4. competitors
5. populism
6. socialism
7. free-market
8. ex-patriots
9. optimism
10. opportunity
11. nostalgia
12. Silicon Valley
13. manpower
14. bureaucracy
15. liberalized
16. restraints
17. independence
18. colony
19. Gandhi
20. licenses
21. complacent
22. crisis
23. radical
24. export
25. bankrupt
26. Nehru
27. barriers
28. investment
29. monopoly
30. gracious
31. satellite
32. realm
33. conceive
34. media
35. global economy
36. multi-nationals
37. horoscope
38. BBC
39. cricket
40. cobras
41. fermentation
42. kabobs
43. tandori
44. curry
45. upwardly mobile
46. executive
47. grooming
48. etiquette
49. living standards
50. commercial
51. microcosm
52. shack
53. vendor
54. rural
55. urban
56. enterprising
57. transistor
58. prototype
59. components
60. saris
61. Sikh
62. private sector
63. MBA
64. “red tape”
65. import duties
66. cottage industry
67. abject poverty
68. rupis
69. protectionism
70. regulation
71. brokerage
72. capitalization
73. Kashmir
74. Bangalore

China: Emerging Powers video

1. communist
2. capitalism
3. IBM
4. CPB
5. standing army
6. restrained
7. Beijing
8. modernization
9. represssion
10. contradiction
11. superpower
12. nuclear
13. Cultural Revolution
14. Mao
15. Red Guard
16. commune
17. peasant
18. will power
19. fortitude
20. endurance
21. social status
22. crux
23. wisdom
24. legacy
25. nostalgia
26. revolution
27. investment
28. Gobi Desert
29. backbone
30. destiny
31. Shanghai
32. cosmetics
33. corridors
34. skyscraper
35. country bumpkins
36. investors
37. chaos
38. commodity
39. aspirations
40. regulator
41. market economy
42. innovation
43. PhD
44. socialism
45. monument
46. assembly line
47. utopia
48. cradle to grave
49. "jumping into the sea"
50. pioneering
51. radical
52. reform
53. dislocation
54. private sector
55. state sector
56. abject poverty
57. enterprises
58. national college entrance exam
59. cropland
60. residency
61. migrants
62. harvest
63. defraud
64. insignia
65. racketeering
66. license
67. disparity
68. hazardous
69. structures
70. covenant
71. bankrupt
72. manufacturing
73. conglomerate
74. poultry
75. incubator
76. charcoal
77. mechanized
78. feed (for animals)
79. traitor
80. kilometers
81. ration
82. patriotic
83. undermining
84. uncensored
85. environmental protection
86. dialogue
87. ideology
88. disco
89. waltz
90. foxtrot
91. rock 'n' roll
92. decadent
93. dissidents
94. Tianamen Square
95. alienation
96. corruption
97. human rights
98. Gallup Poll
99. reverberate

In the light of tragedy: electronic messaging systems are essential tools of public safety

Messaging system companies offer effective electronic messaging systems that are essential tools of public safety on campus.

Mobile Campus Incorporated markets an advertiser-supported campus text-messaging system that is otherwise free to affiliated universities. This is a free service capable of immediately and simultaneously alerting students, university employees, and others via text messages on cell phones.

Netpresenter Incorporated is a XML-based screen-saver and pop-up notification service.

MIR3 provides emergency notification technology.

ClearTXT is a mobile messaging provider to keep students and faculty informed during emergencies.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

AP Gov't, WH, Just in case, resources for a Uniform Disaster Plan, Lock Down Procedure

Uniform Disaster Plan

Lock Down Procedure

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

AP Gov't & World History

How would you like to be a good citizen like students from over 110 Philadelphia schools during Election Day? Greater Philadelphia Cares has partnered with the Committee of Seventy to identify and engage students in volunteer action on Election Day, May 15. Students will receive a 60-minute training where they will learn everything they need to know about volunteering on Election Day. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities on the day ranging from Election Watchdog to Data Collector to Hotline Helper. A training session will be held, 18 April 2007, during 4th Period. Show you care; Why not be a part and volunteer?