Saturday, March 06, 2010

WH II Honors: HW for Next Week, Monday - Friday

WH II Honors: HW for Next Week, Monday-Friday

Monday: p. 511

Reading Check


What was the effect of conscription on events leading up to World War I?

Reading Check


What was the Schlieffen Plan and how did it complicate the events leading to World War I?

p. 502, #4-6, 8-9.

Focus Questions

Finish the sentences.

What I like least about this class is . . .

What I like most about this class is . . .

Tuesday: p. 503, Preview Questions, #1-2.

Reading Check


How did the war on the Eastern Front differ from the war on the Western Front?

Connecting to the Past, p. 505, #1-2.

Wednesday: p. 506

Reading Check


Why were military leaders baffled by trench warfare?

p. 506

Reading Check


What caused the widening of the war?

p. 506, Then and Now, What kind of aircraft did the Germans use during World War I?

Thursday: p. 507, Geography Skills, #1.

Reading Check


Why did the Germans resort to unrestricted submarine use?

Reading Check


What was the effect of total war on ordinary citizens?

p. 509, #4-6.

Friday: p. 509, #9-10.

p. 513, Interpreting the Past, #1-3.