Tuesday, May 22, 2007

WH, The Cold War Vocabulary: due 1 June 2007

1945-1989: The Cold War

1. Cold War
2. detente
3. glasnost
4. Iron curtain
5. Marshall Plan
6. peaceful coexistence
7. perestroika
8. sovietization
9. strategic weapons
10. Truman Doctrine

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

WH, Election Assignment

Election Day, 15 May 2007

How is the turnout at the polls? (This information may be gathered from the poll workers).
a) hardly anyone voting; b) about average; c) heavy turnout; d) most people will probably vote later or, after work.

Which candidate for mayor are people voting for? (Try to ask ten people if possible to obtain a representative number).

In which party are people registered?

The information needed to answer the questions (below) is available by calling: 1.866.268.8603, or, is accessible online at: www.seventy.org/cg2007.pdf. The information is also contained in the “2007 Citizen’s Guide,” produced by the Committee of 70.

What four political parties may you register for in Pennsylvania?

What are the minimum requirements to run for mayor in Philadelphia?

What City Council do you live in?
Don't know your City Council District?
Find out by visiting www.seventy.org/map or by calling 1.866.268.8603.

Which Ward do you live in?
Don't Know which Ward you live in?
Find out by visiting www.seventy.org/map or by calling 1.866.268.8603.

Do you live in the Suburbs?
If so, your representatives will be different than those individuals in the city.
Don't know who your representatives are?
Find out by visiting www.seventy.org/map or by calling 1.866.268.8603. You may also log on to www.pavoterservices.state.pa.us/pollingplaceinfo/.

Monday, May 14, 2007

WH, Blog on Democracy in Nepal


WH, Info on Influenza pandemic, as a follow-up to the one mentioned in the textbook in 1918



Winrot - the creeping, pernicious degradation of the integrity of Windows systems to the point where they run slowly, behave erratically, stop working altogether, or all of the above.

It just sounds like the end of the year blues or Senioritis to me.

Or, maybe its more like cruft.

In hacker jargon, cruft describes areas of something which are badly designed, poorly implemented, or redundant.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

AP Gov't, WH

Cardinal Dougherty High School
6301 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19120

Winmont Apartments
2100 Tremont St. Apartment C-14, located in the rear of the third floor
Philadelphia, PA 19115-5031, US

Total Est. Time: 14 minutes

Total Est. Distance: 7.60 miles

Monday, May 07, 2007

WH, 4th Period, 7 May 2007; 8 May 2007 2nd/4th Period Assignments

4th Period World History 7 May 2007
Dr. Smith

Terms, p. 829
Note Taking, p. 829
Checkpoint (4 in section)
A German submarine Sinks the Lusitania, p. 830
Biography, p. 831
American Troops, “Over There,” p. 832

Homework, p. 833 #2-6
Extra Credit, Writing About History, p. 833
Handout, Chapter 26 Section 3

2nd Period/4th Period World History 8 May 2007

Terms, p. 834
Note Taking, p. 834
Checkpoint (4 in section)
Thinking Critically, p. 835
Note Taking, p. 836
Map, p.837
Analyzing Political Cartoons, p. 838

Homework, p. 838, #2-5
Extra Credit, Writing About History, p. 838
Handout Chapter 26 Section 4