Thursday, December 01, 2005

World History Agenda, 1 December 2005

HW Review #1 Identify

Read “Ireland for the Irish”

Read intro, p. 611

Prison Reformer: Elizabeth Fry

An English Quaker and philanthropist, helped improve conditions for imprisoned women. In 1813, she began visiting jails to read the Bible to inmates. She was shocked by the conditions endured by female prisoners in London’s Newgate prison. She publicized conditions in her writings and called for reform by visiting monarchs in Europe.

Women Against Pankhurst
The women’s suffrage movement in Britain was not a unified force. Many women opposed Pankhurst and her tactics such as arson, window breaking and vandalizing postal boxes.
Another British leader, Millicent Fawcett, tried to convince Parliament through respectable and responsible political activity. In 1908, her National Union organized a rally that was attended by a half million women in London.

The Status of Women in the World Today