Friday, April 21, 2006

Televised final Mock Trial info

If you are interested in watching the Final trial from the Mock Trial Competition please visit the PCN website, to find your local listing. PCN will be airing the trial one last time on Saturday, April 22nd at 8:00 p.m.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

WH, Unit 7, Library Assignment, Ch. 27, Sec. 1 The Stage Is Set

Unit 7 World Wars and Revolution
Library Assignment

Read #1-5, pp. 690-691.

Chapter 27 World War I and Its Aftermath

Section1 Answer the question:
Caption, p. 693

Section1 The Stage Is Set

B) Answer the questions:
Caption, p. 695
Parallels, p. 696
Vocabulary, p. 694

C) Use the boldface heading to construct an outline. Identify the major causes of international tension in the early 1900s. Under each major cause, leave space to fill in supporting details. Write specific examples and supporting details under the appropriate head.

D) Review the outline and rank the causes of international tension from the most significant to the least significant.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

WH Ch. 26 Sec. 5 Impact of Imperialism, Library Assignment

Chapter 26 Section 5 Impact of Imperialism
Library Assignment

a) Read the Guide for Reading (Questions, p. 678)

b) Answer the questions:
Cause & Effect Chart, p. 679
Caption, p. 681

c) Imperialism Concept Chart:

Construct a concept chart illustrating the impact of imperialism. The chart should show the effects of imperialism on both the colonies and the Western powers that ruled them. First, draw the skeleton of the concept chart. At the center, in a circle or box, write “Impact of Imperialism.” Draw several lines leading away from the central box or circle. Label a circle or box at the end of the line with each of the following categories.

International Relations

Write out additional lines from each of the concepts or branches and write in specific effects that pertain to each category.

d) Focus of assignment
Students should now be able to write generalizations about the impact of imperialism.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

WH, Extra Credit offer

6 April 2006

Tutoring began on Monday and I will forward a list of students to Guidance who will be attending. However, if you attend now, and voluntarily, you will earn an Extra Credit point each day that I verify you attended.

There are Library Assignments posted on my blog site, in addition to Homework that you can work on.

You will receive no Extra Credit if you are in Detention instead of attending Tutoring, or, after you are called to Guidance and required to attend.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

WH, Library Assignment, Ch. 26 Sec. 4 Economic Imperialism in Latin America

Chapter 26 Section 4 Economic Imperialism in Latin America
Library Assignment

a) Read the Guide for Reading (Questions), p. 673

b) Define the Vocabulary terms:
Economic dependence

c) Answer the questions:
Caption, p. 673
Parallels, p. 675
Map, p. 676

d) Outline the general problems that hindered the development of Latin America. Make reference to political problems, economic problems, social problems, the effects of past colonialism, and the influence of the U.S. Use Mexico as a case study. Find specific examples in Mexican history of the general problems that are cited in outline form.


Students should be able to describe a problem that Latin American nations faced in the 1800s. Mexico is the best test case.

Monday, April 03, 2006

WH, Library Assignment, Ch. 26 Sec. 3 Self-Rule for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

Chapter 26 Section 3 Self-Rule for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
Library Assignment

A) Read the Guide for Reading, p. 667

B) Define the Vocabulary Terms (p. 667):
Penal colony

C) Answers the questions in the sections below:
Caption, p. 668
Map, p. 669
Caption, p. 671

D) Then, in three groupings—Canada, Australia, and New Zealand—students should prepare a time line and a flow chart focusing on imperialism and self-rule. The students should focus their presentations and in discussion bring out the facts of similarity and difference between the different areas.