Wednesday, December 02, 2009

AP Economics: 3 December 2009

Prayer: in Quarter 2 henceforth, alphabetical, in student order beginning from row 1, seat 1, etc., each day, if the scheduled person is absent then the next person will pray.

now alphabetical by student as listed on the class (which is unofficial and not the school) Calendar:

As noted on our class calendar, a Test is scheduled on Ch. 5 Elasticity, 50 Questions, multiple choice.

You need a pencil for the Ch. 5 Test. Write your name on both the Scantron and the Test. You may write on the Test.

If you finish early, cover up your Scantron, and you may take out non-Economics material to read or study while you are waiting.

We will have a Chapter 6 Quiz next week.


1. In Chapter 15, define the left hand column "Key "Concepts" on p. 421.