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PHI 101: 3 May 2018

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Ian Hunter-I'm The Teacher (Lyrics), 4:14

"Think for yourselves; don't join any herds."
Ian Hunter

In 1965, Bob Dylan released his fifth studio album, Bringing it All Back Home - watch the official music video for "Subterranean Homesick Blues" now. 2:18

"Don't follow leaders; watch the parking meters."
Bob Dylan


Review from the syllabus
"Deeper learning" was first introduced by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in 2010 and specified a set of six educational outcomes:
·        Mastery of rigorous academic content;

·        Development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills;

·        The ability to work collaboratively;

·        Effective oral and written communication;

·        Learning how to learn, and;

·        Developing and maintaining an academic mindset.

What did we do in this course?

Academic Content:
Course material

Critical thinking and problem-solving
Paragraph analysis, assessments

Work Collaboratively
Small groups, peer review, colleagues

How to learn
Lecture, technology, colleagues, reading, speaking, writing

Academic mindset 
APA format, laptops should be banned, email etiquette 

Boost Editor Product Video - Boost Linguistics, 2:51

Boost Editor is a predictive AI engine that analyzes text for human emotion and suggests changes to help improve your writing. Signup today for free at boostlinguistics.com


Orai: Public Speaking App, 2:07

Why I turned down my dream school for financial security


"Panicked, I pawed at my phone calculator and added up the loans I would need to take on. It totaled around $80,000 to $85,000 of debt. OK, so that is a lot, I thought. But plenty of people had student loans, right? It would be difficult, but I could make it work somehow.

To prove that to myself, I took out a piece of paper and tried to figure out my living expenses post-graduation — how I could pay for rent, insurance, transportation, food and loans each month. The numbers piled up by the thousands and quickly spilled over my $30,000-a-year budget. It wouldn't just be difficult. It would be impossible.

Now I'm 21 years old, nearing the end of my junior year. I admittedly have no way of knowing if the progression of my life is anywhere close to being linear and upwards, or if I still have a shot at working somewhere like The New York Times. Here is what I do know: By next year, I will have a college degree. I will have had four internships, editor positions at my school's publications and reasonable assuredness about the security of my future. All this I have managed without the grace of Northwestern's name on my resume.

Once the next decision day comes, I know that there will be countless 17-year-olds just like me who will be told that to attend the school of their dreams — Northwestern or otherwise — is worth sinking into tens of thousands of dollars of debt.

If I could, I would tell each of them how wrong this is. I would tell them that despite my fears, college has still been a place for me to grow, and feel challenged, and seek out the opportunities I thought might otherwise be inaccessible. I would tell them that they're not sacrificing their dreams by choosing financial security.

I know I wish more people had told me so when I was 17."

Broke, Busted, And Disgusted - College Debt Documentary Film Trailer, 3:12


What do I need to get the job I want, even when no one's hiring?

These materials are featured in the book “Get The Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring.”


From Part II of the Book

From Part III of the Book

From Part IV of the Book

From the Career Resources Section of the Book

LinkedIn for Students

10 Tips


1) Upload an appropriate photo.
2) Write an informative but punchy profile headline.
3) Don’t cut corners on the Summary statement.
4) Be smart about your experience.
5) Complete additional profile sections tailored to career starters.
6) Build a strong network so it’s there when you need it.
7) Claim your unique LinkedIn URL.
8) Show, don’t just tell: Share your work.
9) Use keywords in adding skills you can be endorsed for – and get a few recommendations.
10) Check out the content on LinkedIn. It’s awesome!

How many have a LinkedIn account?

How many have linked with their colleagues this semester?

How many have improved their LinkedIn account this semester?

How many have linked with your professor?


Beacon: Networking for Life:

The Final is available on Bb; it is due no later than the end of class on Tuesday, 8 May. You may access, answer, and send through Bb.

25 Questions

The 6 questions from Part 6 are:
Summa Theologiae
Thomas Aquinas
1.       What problems does Thomas Aquinas help us with?
2.       What was his monumental contribution?
3.       What did he brilliantly propose?
4.       What law can non-Christians grasp?
5.       In contrast, what had happened within Islam by the time Aquinas was born?
6.       What did the Muslim world reject?

Part 7 Identity and Immortality
Three questions from Part 7 are:
            7. What is our essential property?
            8. Summarize some of the ideas philosophers have come up with.
            9. Do you believe you have obligations to particular people in your life?

Three more questions are from the following:
An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
John Locke
            10. According to Locke, what is a person?

A Treatise of Human Nature
David Hume
            11. According to Hume, what is the self?

Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man
Thomas Reid
            12. How does Reid respond to the request for a definition of identity?

Part 8 Moral Theory
Jean-Paul Sartre
            13. What does Sartre mean by his claim that existence precedes essence?
            14. According to Sartre, why are human beings forlorn?

Nicomachean Ethics
            15. According to Aristotle, what is the function of a human being?
            16. How does moral virtue differ from intellectual virtue?

Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals: The Categorical Imperative
Immanuel Kant
            17. According to Kant, is using someone as a means always wrong?
            18. What does Kant mean by the maxim of an action?

Part 9 Moral Problems
Why Abortion Is Immoral
Don Marquis
            19. Is the loss of one’s future as devastating for a fetus as for a child?

Part 10: Society
On Liberty
John Stuart Mill
            20. According to Mill, if we are certain that an opinion is false, would stifling it still be wrong?

Part 11: Social Justice
The Republic
            21. How do you defend a system of government in which those who know much about public issues have no more say in the decision process than those who know little?

Part 12: Art
            22. Do you agree with Aristotle that the first essential of tragedy is plot and that characters come second?

Part 13: Life and Death
            23. How does Epictetus recommend that we deal with loss?

Part 14: The Meaning of Life
Philosophy and the Meaning of Life
Robert Nozick
            24. Does Nozick believe any formula can capture the meaning of life?
Part: “Wild Card”
            25. Dr. Smith ends most classes with four lines of philosophy. What are they and what do they mean to you?