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All Quiet On the Western Front, Video Worksheet

Originally posted: Monday, January 15, 2007
U.S. Navy video hit and "All Quiet On The Western Front."

U.S. Navy video a hit on YouTube

Blogger Victoria Revay writes:
"The U.S. Navy's latest propaganda video on YouTube was the third most watched video last week on the popular video site. It even beat out videos of Lonelygirl15, Britney and Donald Trump. But what is more surprising is the debate these series of videos have started. Since the U.S. government posted an anti-drug campaign video in September [2006], debates about terrorism, the war in Iraq, the U.S. and Europe have been left in over 1,600 comments attached to the videos."

I am seeking your ideas on the question of comparing "All Quiet On The Western Front," and this more recent Navy video. The comparison is worth ten (10) points.

What is the view of the military that emerges in each visual presentation?
U.S. Navy video

"All Quiet on the Western Front," Film Worksheet

Name: ____________________________________________________ Per.: _____

The film "All Quiet on the Western Front" is a classic Hollywood adaptation of Erich Remarque's novel. It takes a hard look at the tragedy of war using World War I as its backdrop. You may use the back of this sheet to answer the questions.

As you watch the movie, please answer the following questions:

1. What is the title of this film?

2. When was the novel written?

3. Who wrote the original novel?

4. Why did the students join the Army?

5. What job or occupation did the mailman (Himmelstoess) have?

6. Was he particularly cruel to these recruits? Give an example.

7. How did the solders get back at Himmelstoess?

8. How were conditions at the Western Front different from their expectations in training camp?

9. What was the impact of the shelling on the new recruits?

10. What happened after the bombardment?

11. What happened to Kemmerich's boots?

12. How did the doctors' react to Kemmerich's plight?

13. What sport did Kemmerich participate in before the war?

14. In the attack, what effect did the machine gun have on the recruit's ideas of the glory of war and individual heroism?

15. How many of the company died in this first battle?

16. How do you know?

17. Why were they able to eat so well finally?

18. In this film, what is Kat’ “baptism?”

19. During the war, is "God still in his heaven?"

20. Why was Kat going to shoot the new recruit?

21. What does the arrival of many coffins signal?

22. What was the pattern of a battle? What preceded the attack? What followed it?

23. What is Kat's rank?

24. During the war, which is a better weapon, a bayonet that the recruits got in training, or the shovel (spade) they got on the battlefield?

25. What is the Vocabulary word that describes the horrible things that happen during war?

26. How was Sgt. Himmelstoess received when he arrived at the front?

27. What do the men want Himmelstoess to jump into?

28. What is a latrine?

29. How did Himmelstoess react to battle conditions?

30. What happened to Paul Baumer when he found himself in a shell hole in No Man's Land with the French soldier?

31. Was it more difficult for Paul to kill the French soldier in the foxhole? Why or why not?

32. Why does Paul ask for forgiveness?

33. Who got a medal for his actions during battle? Paul or Himmelstoess?

34. Why did the French girls - ostensibly the enemy - accept the German soldiers?

35. After four years of war, how has the German home front been affected? Were there still the parades, crowded streets, and joyous sounds of going off to war?

36. What were the attitudes of the men in the beer hall? Did the men think Germany was losing the war? Were they willing to listen to what Paul had to say?

37. How does Paul Baumer confront his former teacher?

38. What was a Catholic infirmary (hospital) known for?

39. What does it indicate if the orderlies take a hospital patient’s clothes?

40. After Paul is wounded, what did his fellow patient, Albert, try do do?

41. What did Albert ask for?

42. What was he going to do with this item?

43. How has the company changed during Paul's absence?

44. How many students were in Paul’s class in high school? How many students from Paul’s class died in the war?

45. How many went missing?

46. How many went to the “nut house?”

47. When Paul writes, what is his “real home?”

48. When Paul meets with Kemmerich’s mother, does he lie to her? Why or why not?

49. What is ironic about the date of Kat's and Paul's deaths? [Note: The war ended on November 11, 1918.]

50. Describe the attitude of this movie towards World War I and all wars.

Extra Credit
Design a German WW I propaganda poster. Examples may be found at (and there is one class example by Eddie Lantigua):