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WH, Ch. 30 Sec. 1 The Western Democracies

World History, Chapter 30 Crisis of Democracy in the West (1919-1939), Sec. 1 The Western Democracies

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Section 1 The Western Democracies
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General strike

1. Lesson Plan Focus
Following WW I, diplomats tried to ensure a lasting peace. They drafted treaties that renounced war and they encouraged international cooperation in the League of Nations. Britain, France, and the U.S., the leading democratic countries, faced difficult political and economic challenges both at home and abroad. When the Great Depression struck, businesses closed, global trade declined, and unemployment and poverty grew.

2. In-class Instruct
Postwar Problems, Recovery, and Collapse
Pursuing Peace
Britain in the Postwar Era
France in the Postwar Era
The U.S. in the postwar Era
Outline the main ideas of your topic. Then, list five key points pertaining to the ideas in your outline.

3. Close
In a closed ballot, students will vote for the most important areas in this section. The chosen areas should be the most interesting, pertinent, and significant.

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