Thursday, September 15, 2005

World History, Chapter 18 Review, 15 September 2005

Reviewing Vocabulary
Define the vocabulary words from Chapter 18. Write the definition of each word.

1. Natural laws
2. social contract
3. natural rights
4. philosophe
5. physiocrat
6. laissez faire
7. free market
8. salon
9. enlightened despot
10. baroque
11. constitutional government
12. prime minister

Reviewing Facts
1. According to John Locke, what should happen if a goverment violates people's natural rights?
2. According to Adam Smith, how should wages and prices be regulated?
3. How did Enlightenment thinkers, differ from medieval thinker regarding a just society?
4. How did Eastern and Western Europe differ regarding serfdom?
5. What areas combined to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain?
6. What was the cabinet system?
7. How did taxation create tensions between the American colonies and the British government?
8. What idea from the Baron de Montesquieu was incorporated into the United States Constitution?

Critical Thinking
Write a sentence summarizing the major ideas of each of the following thinkers: a) Locke; b) de Montesquieu; c) Voltaire; d) Wollstonecraft; e) Adam Smith