Thursday, February 28, 2008

Book Cover Project: 7 March 2008

World History Book Cover Project
Due: 7 March 2008

This project will demand creativity and self-expression. You will cover your WH textbook in a manner that shows who you are and what you think WH is. Wouldn't it be more pleasant to see a well designed book cover when doing those long nights of HW? Of course it would, so design a book cover that will brighten and enlighten yourself and those around you. This project will be distinctively you. This is your first small project and if you listen and follow directions, you will score easy points.

The textbook must be covered in a way that is protected from wear and tear.
The cover can be made out of anything that you want, but it must be funcitonal (i.e., the book must open, the book must still fit in your locker).
Please no edible covers or glitter that will fall off over time.
The cover must be durable enought to survive the semester without any major casualities.
So that our World does not become History, at least one item on the book covere must be recycled. (5 bonus points if it is all recycled).
Your name, the name of the class, and class period must be clearly displayed somewhere on the cover.
On the due date 7 March 2008, you will present your textbook to the class and briefly explain what you did.

Grading Rubric:
Project: 60 Points

Clear World History elements 10 points
Clear personality elements 10 points
One recycled item 10 points
Clear Name, Subject, Period, Room 10 points
Overall Appearance (neat and creative) 10 points
Presentation to the class 10 points

Total 60 Points