Wednesday, March 08, 2006

WH, Ch. 23, Sec. 4 Nationalism Threatens Old Empires

Chapter 23 Section 4 Nationalism Threatens Old Empires
Guide for Reading, p. 595Caption, p. 596Map, p. 597
1. Lesson Plan Focus
Desires for national independence threatened to break up the Austrian and Ottoman Empires. To appease Hungarian demands, Emperor Francis Joseph agreed to the creation of the Dual Monarchy of Austria and Hungary. As nationalism weakened the Ottoman Empire, the Europeanpowers competed for influence in the Balkan peninsula.
2. In-class Instruct
In two groups, one Austrian, and one Ottoman, assign each group to outline the conditions that existed in each empire during the mid-1800s. Compare the results between the twoempires. Which of the two faced the greatest difficulty and why?
3. CloseStudents should look for news articles about Eastern Europe and the Balkans.
HWSection 4 Reviewp. 597#1-4Extra Credit, #5-6