Friday, May 21, 2010

WH II Honors: No HW Turned in for May

HW May

The first number indicates how many students out of the total number of students in each class that have done no HW for May.

3rd 8/26

4th 19/35

5th 21/35

7th 16/35

WH II Honors: HW for Next Week, Monday-Friday, Penalty for Late HW

WH II Honors HW

Monday: p. 600, Graphic Organizer, #1-2

p. 602, Geography Skills, #1-2

p. 603, Reading Check, Summarizing, Why was the German assault on Stalingrad a crushing defeat for the Germans?

p. 604, Reading Check, Identifying, What was the “second front” that the Allies opened in Western Europe?

Finish the sentences:

Last week, what I liked least about the class was . . .

Last week, what I liked most about the class was . . .

Tuesday: p. 604, #4

Analyzing Primary Sources, #1-3

p. 606, Preview Questions, #1-2

p. 607, Reading Check, Describing, What was Hitler’s vision for the residents of Eastern Europe?

Wednesday: p. 608, Geography Skills, #1-2

p. 610, Reading Check, Summarizing, What was the job of the Einsatzgruppen?

p. 610, Picturing History, What role did prisoners of war play in the Japanese war effort?

p. 611, Reading Check Examining, How did the Japanese treat the native peoples in occupied lands?

Thursday: p. 611, #4-6

Friday: p. 612, Preview Questions, #1-2

p. 613, Picturing History, Would you have supported the internment policy for Japanese-

Americans during the war? Explain.

p. 614, Reading Check, Evaluating, How did World War II contribute to racial tensions in the

United States?