Monday, February 06, 2006

Gov't 6 Feb. '06

6 February 2006

Read up through p. 32

HW p. 21 #1-3

World History, Ch. 18 Sec. 4 Birth of the American Republic

World History Agenda, 14 September 2005

Chapter 18

HW review p. 469, #1-4

Section 4, Birth of the American Republic

"Amazing Transformation"

1. Lesson Plan Focus
Colonists in the 13 English colonies opposed British taxes and trade restrictions, especially since they had no representation in Parliament. Enlightenment ideas influenced the American Declaration of Independence and the framing of the United States Constitution. The successful American Revolution helped inspire future revolutions in Europe and Latin America.

Caption p. 471
Map p. 472

2. In-class assignment

The class is divided into cooperative learning groups and students will work together to plan a television documentary on the birth of the American republic. The twenty minutes-long program will consist of four segments addressing the following topics:
a) American Discontent
b) The American Revolution Begins
c) The Long Struggle to Victory
d) A New Constitution

These segments will be assigned. Use the text to plan your documentary segment.
You should produce a script outline, a list of visuals, and a list of interview subjects. This will be presented in class. Each group should produce a five-minute segment.

3. Close

Your documentary is being sold as a videotape. Descreibe the documentary in afive-sentence summary that could appear on the videotape box.

Section 4 Review
Extra Credit