Saturday, March 13, 2010

WH II Honors: HW for Next Week, Monday-Friday

WH II Honors: HW for Next Week, Monday-Friday

Monday: p. 514, Preview Questions, #1-2.

Focus Questions

Finish the sentences:

Last week, what I liked least about the class was . . .

Last week, what I liked most about the class was . . .

Tuesday: p. 515, Picturing History, Why was Rasputin able to influence Russian political affairs?

p. 516, Reading Check


Develop a sequence of events leading to the March Revolution.

Wednesday: p. 516

Comparing Past and Present

What do you think might have motivated her to act out the part of Anastasia for so many years?

p. 517, Geography Skills, #1-2.

Thursday: p. 517

Reading Check


What was Lenin's plan when he arrived in Russia?

Reading Check


What was the impact of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk on Russia?

Friday: p. 518

Reading Check


Who opposed the new Bolshevik Regime?

p. 519

Picturing History

Who was the Communist commissar of war during this period?