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WH, Ch. 22 Sec. 1 The Industrial Revolution Spreads

WH, Unit 6, Industrialism and A New Global Age, Chapter 22
Life in the Industrial Age, Section 1, The Industrial Revolution Spreads

Unit 6 Industrialism and A New Global Age

Chapter 22 Life in the Industrial Age (1800-1910)

Section 1 The Industrial Revolution Spreads

Vocabulary, p. 544

Interchangeable parts
Assembly line

Map, p. 545
Connections to Today, p. 546
Comparing Viewpoints, p. 547
Caption, p. 548
Primary Source, p. 549
Caption, p. 550

Lesson Plan Focus

During the 1800s, the US, Japan, and several European countries joined Britain in the Industrial Revolution. New machines and scientific advances helped business grow. Large companies developed new ways to get the capital that they needed. The leaders of big business created monopolies and trusts that controlled entire industries.

2. In-class Instruct

In small groups students should imagine that they are living in the 1800s and are members of a commission that will decide the contents of a time capsule. The time capsule, scheduled to be opened by people of the twenty-first century, should reveal the changes that the industrialized world experienced in the 1800s. The time capsule should include about 15 items. It may include artifacts, maps, graphs, photographs, art works, and documents. Each commission should list the contents of its time capsule. They should also write a clear description of the nature and significance of each item. Then, each group can present their list to the larger group.

3. Write potential test questions based on the information included in this section.

Section 1 Review

#1, 3-5
Extra Credit, #6-7