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Chapter 1 Section 2 Turning Point: The Neolithic Revolution

Ch. 1 Section 2 Turning Point: The Neolithic Revolution

Terms, People, and Places

Old Stone Age

Paleolithic Period

New Stone Age

Neolithic Period



Neolithic Revolution



Note Taking

Checkpoint (3 in section).

What skills did Old Stone Age people develop in order to adapt their surroundings to their needs?

What major lifestyle changes did farming allow people to make?

What new technologies did people invent as a result of agriculture?

SECTION 2 Assessment

Reading Skill: Summarize

2. Use your completed chart to answer the Focus Question: How was the introduction of agriculture a turning point in prehistory?

Comprehension and Critical Thinking

Predict Consequences

3. How do you think the development of spoken language influenced people’s development of skills and religious beliefs?

Determine Relevance

4. How are our lives today affected by the Neolithic Revolution that occurred 11,000 years ago?

Make Comparisons

5. How was settled village life different from nomadic life? Consider population size, social status, and technology in your answer.

Writing About History
Quick Write: Gather Information