Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ch. 17, Sec. 3 The Enlightenment and the American Revolution


George III-p. 558

Stamp Act-p. 560

George Washington-p. 560

Thomas Jefferson-p. 560

Popular sovereignty-p. 560

Yorktown, Virginia-p. 561

Treaty of Paris-p. 561

James Madison-p. 562

Benjamin Franklin-p. 562

Federal republic-p. 562

Map Skills, p. 558

Cities in the English colonies were busy centers of trade and important to Britain's economy.

Locate (a) Find on the map (b) Massachusetts (c) Boston

Region: Which colony had two separate pieces of land?

Analyze Information: What do almost all the colonial cities have in common based on the map? Why was this important?

p. 559 Checkpoint: In what ways were the colonies already developing independence from Britain?

p. 560 checkpoint: What Enlightenment ideas are reflected in the Declaration of Independence?

p. 561 Checkpoint: What advantages did the colonists have in battling Britain for their independence?

p. 562 Checkpoint: Explain the influence of Enlightenment ideas on the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Biography p. 560: how did Washington hold the army together through difficult times? What did the Framers of the Constitution have in common? Why was Franklin admired in France?

p. 560 Primary Source: Drafting the Declaration Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson


Thinking Critically (two questions)

WH, Study Guide: "Marie Antoinette"

WH, Study Guide for "Marie Antoinette: The Tragic Queen," Due 17 September 2007

Define and/or identify the following items.

1. deficit

2. consumate

3. abdicate

4. manifesto

5. Versailles

6. bastille

7. liberte, egalite, fraternite

8. Charles I

9. guillotine

10. Necker, Jacques

11. Marat, Jean Paul

12. coup d'etat

13. placate

14. propaganda

15. tricolor

16. chemise

17. Dauphin

18. condescension

19. ostensible

20. muslin

21. extravagance

22. ingratiate

23. debauchery

24. cortege

25. veto

26. treason

27. tactful

28. farce

29. despotic

30. emasculate

31. oblivion

32. wretched

33. indulgence

34. reprieve

35. propitiate

36. dauntless

37. The Estates General and the Legislative Assembly