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WH, Ch. 24 Sec. 1 Britain Becomes More Democratic

World History, Chapter 24 Growth of Western Democracies (1815-1914), Section 1 Britain Becomes More Democratic

Define the Vocabulary words
Answer all the Caption questions

[In the old text, the caption questions included:
Caption, p. 607
Caption, p. 609
Parallels Through Time, p. 610
Read, pp. 606 ff.]

Section 1 Britain Becomes More Democratic

1. Lesson Plan Focus

As the 1800s began in Britain, wealthy landowners dominated government, and most people still could not vote. Then, political parties competed for the support of the British working class by backing democratic reforms. By the end of the century, universal male suffrage and many other democratic measures had been achieved. In Britain, political change came through gradual reform rather than violent revolution.

2. Instruct

1) Identify the undemocratic conditions that existed in Britain in the 1800s.
2) List and describe the reforms that made British government more democratic.
3) Explain how Chartism, the Victorian Age, and British political parties all contributed to peaceful, gradual change in Britain.

2.a) Activity The Big Picture
In regards to Britain, France, and the U.S., in a chart list the following conditions during the 1800s:

Political Conditions
Social Conditions
Economic Conditions

3. Close

Students will need to identify areas in which reforms were still needed in Britain at the close of the 1800s.

Section 1 Review
#1, 2-4, Extra Credit 6-7.