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WH & AP Gov't

Supplemental listening material for the text is available:

WH, Ch. 25 The New Imperialism, Sec. 1 A Western-Dominated World

World History, Chapter 25 The New Imperialism (1800-1914)

Section 1 A Western-Dominated World

Captions, [page references to the old text p. 631, p. 633].
Vocabulary, [ditto p. 633]
sphere of influence

1. Lesson Plan Focus

Economic, political, and military interests spurred European imperialism in the 1800s. Other motivating factors included humanitarianism, religious fervor, and racism. Europeans of all classes supported imperialism. The imperialist powers of Europe established colonies, protectorates, and spheres of influence all around the world.

2. In-class Outline

You should write a three-part outline:
Reasons for Imperialism
Reasons for European Success
Forms of Imperial Control

Use the bold face headings for guidance in finding the major ideas for each part of the outline.
Each major idea should be supported by specific facts or examples.

3. Close

Do you agree or disagree with this statement:
“Western nations continue to exert some imperialistic control over some parts of the world.”

Section 1 Review
Extra Credit, #5-6.