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World History Ch. 30 Sec. 3 Fascism in Italy: Sec. 4 Hitler & the Rise of Germany

Ch. 30 Section 4 Hitler and the Rise of Nazi Germany

Guide for Reading (Questions), p. 778
Concentration camp

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1. Lesson Plan Focus
Germany’s Weimar Republic was weakened by coalition government, opposition from both the left and the right, and economic crisis. Many Germans blamed it for the Versailles treaty. Under Adolf Hitler, the new Nazi government used terror, repression, and one-party rule to establish a totalitarian state. Poverty, ethnic conflicts, and lack of democratic traditions helped fascism gain inroads in Eastern Europe as well.

2. In-class Instruct
Outline in Groups
1. The Weimer Government and Hitler’s Rise to Power
2. Totalitarianism in the Third Reich
3. The Campaign against the Jews
4. Authoritarianism in Eastern Europe

HW Section 4 Review
Extra #6-7

Nazi Genocide
pp. 799-800

Section 3 Fascism in Italy

Guide for Reading

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