Friday, February 03, 2006

Gov't, 3 February 2006


Presenter/Response, prepare for
Abortion Discussion (American Government text)
Friday, 10 February 2006

Rest of the class read through and be prepared to discuss after the Presenter/Response.

Ch. 3 in “Constitution” begin on Monday

World History, Chapter 18 Section 3, Britain at Mid-Century

World History, Chapter 18 Section 3, Britain at Mid-Century

"Amazing transformation"1. Lesson Plan Focus
Britain's island location, colonial possessions, favorable business climate, and powerful navy contributed to its rise to world power. Britain's constitutional government, with political parties, a prime minister, and a cabinet, was more democratic than other European governments. Still, most political and economic power was still held by a ruling class of landowning aristocrats.

Guide for Reading, p. 466Vocabulary, p. 466constitutional governmentprime ministerChart p. 466Map p. 467Parallels p. 468

2. In-class Instruct

Organize students into small groups and assign them to outline the major ideas of this section. Advise them to make good use of the boldface heads an structure of the section. Each group can make up five questions that cover the content of the section. Encourage students in the other groups to answer the questions.

3. Close
Choose several of the questions for use of the next quiz/test.
Section 3 Review, p. 469 #1-4
Extra Credit 5-6