Friday, December 08, 2006

WH, Ch. 25 Sec. 3 European Challenges to the Muslim World

Chapter 25 Section 3 European Challenges to the Muslim World


Taking Notes
Caption, p. 628
Skills Assessment, p. 629
Connections to Today, p. 630

1. Lesson Plan Focus
During the 1800s, the Ottoman empire was threatened by economic decline, political corruption, nationalism, and the ambitions of European powers. In Egypt, Muhammad Ali hoped to modernize his country through political and economic reforms. Russia and Britian battled for influence in Iran, especially after the discovery of oil there.

2. In-Class Instruct
As a government official of Egypt, Iran, or the Ottoman Empire of the 1800s, you are aware of the declining power of the state. You are on special assignment. Outline the problems that are causing the state to decline and describe some actions that we can take to slow or reverse this trend.

1, 3-6 Extra Credit 7 & 8.

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