Wednesday, April 05, 2006

WH, Library Assignment, Ch. 26 Sec. 4 Economic Imperialism in Latin America

Chapter 26 Section 4 Economic Imperialism in Latin America
Library Assignment

a) Read the Guide for Reading (Questions), p. 673

b) Define the Vocabulary terms:
Economic dependence

c) Answer the questions:
Caption, p. 673
Parallels, p. 675
Map, p. 676

d) Outline the general problems that hindered the development of Latin America. Make reference to political problems, economic problems, social problems, the effects of past colonialism, and the influence of the U.S. Use Mexico as a case study. Find specific examples in Mexican history of the general problems that are cited in outline form.


Students should be able to describe a problem that Latin American nations faced in the 1800s. Mexico is the best test case.