Wednesday, February 21, 2007

WH, Ch. 18 Sections 3 & 4

WH, Chapter 18 Section 4 The Age of Napoleon Begins (page references are to the former textbook).
p. 484, Vocab.
Fact Finder, p. 484
Caption, p. 485
Map, p. 486
Cause and Effect, p. 487
HW #1, 3-5 Extra Credit #6-7

WH, Ch. 18 Sec. 3 Radical Days

Section 3 Radical Days
Vocab. p. 478
Caption, p. 478
Analyzing Primary Sources, p. 479
Caption, p. 480
Caption, p. 481
Primary Source, p. 483
HW, p. 483, #1, 3-5, Extra Credit #6-7

WH, 2007 J8 Program Opportunity

2007 J8 Program*

Morgan Stanley and UNICEF have partnered to bring about the 2007 J8 Program, a global citizenship education program that enables young people, with guidance from a teacher, to learn more about major global issues, form their own ideas about these issues, and develop their group work skills.

As part of the J8 Program, students are encouraged to participate in a competition where groups of eight students (ages 13-17, working with a teacher) write a brief communiqué on the topics being discussed at the G8 Summit for a chance to earn a spot at the J8 Summit in Germany this June. At the Summit the students will have the opportunity to present their ideas directly to President George W. Bush and the other Heads of State from the G8 countries.

Entries must be received by March 29th 2007.

Please contact the Morgan Stanley Community Affairs Department directly: or visit the website.

WH, Test, Fri., Ch. 18 The French Revolution & Napoleon

Ch. 18 The French Revolution and Napolean