Monday, January 15, 2007

AP Gov't, Social Security Forum

"Educational Forum: panel discussion:

Kurt Czarnowski, Regional Administrator and Regional Communications Director for the Social Security Administration in New England since 1991;

Charles E. Rounds, Jr., Professor at Suffolk Law School since 1983, and publisher of various books and articles regarding Social Security;

Michael Tanner, Director of Health and Welfare Studies for the CATO Institute. He launched the "Project on Social Security Choice", and has written numerous articles; and

Deborah Banda, State Director of AARP

WH & AP Gov't, U.S. Navy video hit and "All Quiet On The Western Front."

U.S. Navy video a hit on YouTube

Blogger Victoria Revay writes:
"The U.S. Navy's latest propaganda video on YouTube was the third most watched video last week on the popular video site. It even beat out videos of Lonelygirl15, Britney and Donald Trump. But what is more surprising is the debate these series of videos have started. Since the U.S. government posted an anti-drug campaign video in September, debates about terrorism, the war in Iraq, the U.S. and Europe have been left in over 1,600 comments attached to the videos."

However, this video is not as prominent as she suggests since I had difficulty finding the original in a search on YouTube. In any case, I seek feedback on the question of comparing "All Quiet On The Western Front," and this more recent Navy video.

What is the view of the military that emerges in each visual presentation?