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WH, Ch. 21 Sec. 3 Latin American Wars of Independence

World History, Ch. 21 Revolutions in Europe and Latin America, Section 3

Ch. 21 Revolutions in Europe and Latin America

Section 3 Latin American Wars of Independence

1. Lesson Plan Focus

Enlightenment ideas, revolutions in other lands, and dissatisfaction with European rule caused revolutions in Latin America. In Haiti, an army of former slaves ended French rule in a struggle that cost more lives than any other Latin American revolution. As a result of revolutions in Mexico, Central America, and South America, independent Latin American nations emerged.

Caption, p. 537
Caption, p. 538
Parallels Through Time, p. 540
Cause and Effect, p. 541
Map, p. 542

2. In-class Instruct
Students will work in groups to write a “how-to” manual for carrying out a successful revolution in Latin America. Each group’s manual should include the following information:
A profile of a successful leader;
Ways to gain followers;
The steps for carrying out a revolution;
Recommended actions for the post-revolutionary period;
The mistakes to avoid.

Students should write their manuals on their study of the revolutions that are
discussed in this section.

3. Close
A class discussion will examine how Latin American revolutions were both successful and unsuccessful.

HW Section 3 Review
Extra Credit #6-7