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Chapter 23 Growth of Western Democracies: 1815–1914

Parliamentary Election of 1836 Though most were unable to vote, many townspeople gathered in the marketplace to cheer or harass the candidates. Graphic source: Pearson SuccessNet.

Chapter 23 Growth of Western Democracies: 1815–1914

Section 1 Democratic Reform in Britain

Terms, etc.

rotten borough-p. 723

electorate-p. 723

secret ballot-p. 723

Queen Victoria-p. 724

Benjamin Disraeli-p. 725

William Gladstone-p. 725

parliamentary democracy-p. 725


How was the British Parliament reformed during the early 1800s? p. 723


What values did Queen Victoria represent and how did these values relate to economic reform? p. 724


How was Parliament reformed during the late 1800s and early 1900s? p. 725

Reading Skill: Identify Main Ideas As you read this section, complete an outline of the contents. p. 723

Section 2 Social and Economic Reform in Britain

free trade-p.727

repeal-p. 727

abolition movement-p. 727

capital offense-p.727

penal colony-p. 727

absentee landlord-p. 730

home rule-p. 730

Note Taking


How did abolition and criminal justice reform reflect Victorian values? p. 727


Describe several social welfare reforms during the 1800s and early 1900s. p. 728


Why do you think women disagreed about how best to gain suffrage? p. 729


How did English policies toward Ireland affect the cause of Irish Nationalism? p. 730

Thinking Critically

1. (a) What were some possible “pull” factors for Irish emigrants? (b) How do the “push” and “pull” factors for voluntary migration differ from those for involuntary migration?

2. Connections to Today Use news sources to read about an example of recent migration. Write a one paragraph summary of the migration including explanations of push and/or pull factors influencing the migration. p. 732

Section 3 Division and Democracy in France

Napoleon III-p. 734

Suez Canal-p. 734

provisional-p. 735

premier-p. 735

coalition-p. 735

Dreyfus affair-p. 736

libel-p. 736

Zionism-p. 736

Note Taking


What were some of the successes and failures of Napoleon III’s Second Empire? p. 734


What challenges did the Third Republic face during its 70 years in power? p. 735


In what ways was the Zionist movement a reaction to the Dreyfus case? p. 736


Describe two social reforms during the late 1800s and early 1900s in France. p. 737

Section 4 Expansion of the United States

expansionism-p. 740

Louisiana Purchase-p. 740

Manifest Destiny-p. 740

secede-p. 742


Note Taking


Describe the United States’ physical expansion during the 1800s. p 740


How did the abolition and women’s rights movements highlight the limits of American democracy? p. 741


What changes did the Civil War bring about for African Americans? p. 742


Describe the factors that helped the United States become an industrial and an agricultural leader. p. 743