Thursday, June 01, 2006

AP Gov't, Dash for Democracy, 4 November 2006,

Who We Are
The spirit of the Dash is to build a better democracy, which in turn leads to a better government. Seventy believes that when citizens take an active role in what’s going on in their neighborhood, community, and city, they have the power to make positive changes and have real impact. To accomplish these objectives, the work of the Committee includes the following:
Developing an informed and active electorate through non-partisan, educational means, such as teaching citizens on how to run for office;
Researching and disseminating information regarding City policy, politics, and public officials;
Encouraging and aiding public officials in the performance of their duties through such means as research-based governance studies;
Investigating illegal action, misconduct, and inefficiency in government and the elections process, and taking appropriate action thereon, initiating litigation when necessary;
Informing and educating the public about civic affairs of current importance, including municipal finance, interpretation and observance of the City Charter, and other related matters.