Tuesday, November 15, 2005

World History Ch. 22 Section 4 A New Culture

Ch. 22 Section 4 A New Culture

Guide for Reading Questions
Lesson Plan Focus

In the 1800s, the arts were dominated by two very different movements. Reacting against the rationalism of the Enlightenment, the romantic movement embraced vibrant emotions, heroism, and glorification of the past. Realism, meanwhile, emerged as an attempt to show the harsh realities of the real world. In the visual arts, impressionists and post-impressionists presented their own views of the world.


Today’s group activities are for the purpose of creating a festival that celebrates the arts of the 1800s.
Each group will assume responsibility for one art genre.
Romantic literature, art, and/or music
Realistic literature or art
Women’s literature

Each group should write a general introduction for the genre that they will present. Also, each item in their collection should be preceded with an oral introduction.

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