Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Back to School Night, 8 Feb. '06

Back to School Night, 8 February 2006

7-8:30 pm
Dr. G. Mick Smith
Room #267

1st Period AP Government
4th World History

Dr. Smith’s Brief Bio & Contact Information

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215.276.2300 (Main office)

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Brief Biography

Dr. Smith earned his PhD in History at the University of California, Los Angeles. He was also awarded a Masters degree in History from UCLA, and he obtained a second Masters in Theology. Smith was a Johannes Quasten Scholar in Patristics at The Catholic University of America and he holds a Distance Learning Administrator’s Certificate from Texas A&M University and the Center for Distance Learning Research. He has published 100 mostly peer-reviewed publications in history, technology and education, and computing. Dr. Smith has been President of the American Association for History and Computing. Smith has also taught at Northeast Catholic High School, Lansdale Catholic, Villa Maria Academy, Phila Academy, and Hahnemann University. At Cardinal Daugherty Smith is Moderator of Mock Trial and Project Citizen. Dr. Smith is a full-time single parent and he is submitting his first novel to publishers.

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