Monday, October 30, 2006

Mock Trial Update

Attention!!!!! We have made the following corrections to the case materials: Stipulation, ¶ 10 (p. 17 of case materials). The stipulation has been corrected to reflect that the textbook depicted in Exhibit 8 was the Defendant's, not the Plaintiff's. This mistake of identification was repeated in the Table of Contents and Exhibit List (p. 36 of case materials). These pages have been corrected as well to identify the textbook as the Defendant’s, not Plaintiff Jamie Anderson’s. *There are no changes to Exhibit 8 (book cover scan) itself, only to how it is described in the Table of Contents and Exhibit list.
Exhibit 7: We have posted a new Exhibit 7 (school transcript) to correct an omission that occurred when we made changes to that Exhibit earlier this week. The newest version places back into Exhibit 7 the correct depiction of Jamie's class rank for sophomore and junior years. The updated version has Jamie ranked "T1/223" and "T1/224." The version posted earlier this week on October 24 omitted the "T" (indicating a tie in the rankings).
Please make sure to place these corrected pages in your case materials and dispose of the older versions. Please view the updated Case Materials at . If you have any questions please let me know.

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