Monday, October 02, 2006

WH, Assignment for Friday, 6 October

World History, 3rd & 4th Period
Ch. 20 The Industrial Revolution Begins (1750-1850), Section 1 Sec. 1 Dawn of the Industrial Age

Class assignments: read Section 1 and do the Homework.

For Extra Credit, look up online: Improved Farm Machinery?
What or who is Jethro Tull?

Chapter Outline
1 Dawn of the Industrial Age
2 Britain Leads the Way
3 Hardships of Early Industrial Life
4 New Ways of Thinking

Read and answer the Captions in Sec. 1 Dawn of the Industrial Age

1. Lesson Plan Focus

Several factors triggered the Industrial Revolution. Improved farming methods and the enclosure movement created a revolution in agriculture. Due to increased food production and better living conditions, the population of Europe soared. The Industrial Revolution was driven by a growing labor force and by new sources of fuel and power.

Define the Vocabulary word, enclosure


Section 1 Assessment #1-5, Extra Credit #6-7

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