Friday, July 06, 2012

AP European Unit Lesson Format

2012-13   AP EURO: Unit Lesson Format

1) Textbook- AP Edition- primary source of content
2) Cliffs AP Euro Study Guide Book- Supplement to textbook
3) Handouts (3)
- Chapter Outline given to students comprising brief chapter outline,
  10 multiple choice questions, Sample DBQ and Free Response
  Essay questions -study tool
               -   Chapter Review Questions- Free Response Prep tool-HW
               -   Chapter Overview- Summary of Chapter, guiding questions-study tool  
     4) Lecture notes
                           - student notes on moodle
     5) Textbook-supplements
- Slides- Visual images of artwork etc. Reviewed in class-HW
- Quizzes- periodic quiz used for review
     6) Moodle- numerous study guides, reference sites posted
     7) Sample Practice exams- assigned at end of year as Exam preparation

Homework for each Lesson
1) Read entire Textbook chapter and corresponding Cliffs AP book pages
2) Chapter Outline- 6 Pages MINIMUM- Typed or Written
     - given back- use as Test Study guide AND for end of year AP Exam studying
3) Chapter Review Questions- MUST BE WRITTEN, assigned in class/handout
4) 5 Multiple Choice Questions created by student, will be used by teacher as lesson
    Review. Must be Typed.- handed in for EXTRA CREDIT at EC Test Reviews
5) Study for Tests and Quizzes-Review Visual Images for Chapter (eboard)

ALL written/typed homework is due on DAY 4    (see next page)

AP Euro- Unit Lesson Format
Day 1
1) Assign reading homework
- Chapter to be read in 3 days  
    - Cliffs book pages all read as well- (Quiz/Test)
- Textbook Chap-Visual Images- posted on eboard (Quiz/Test)

2) Distribute 3 handouts
  - Chapter Overview- read to class/discuss (binder)
- Chapter Review Questions- discuss and review -HW
- Textbook Chapter Outline- read/review (binder)

3) Assign written/typed homework
- All three assignments are due on Day 4

- Chapter Review Questions- Must be handwritten
                      (no 2 sentence responses please)

- Student created Chapter Outline- 6 page MINIMUM
 (Typed or Written -study tool for class tests and AP exam)
 (Make it your OWN- don’t cheat yourself by copying)

- 5 Multiple Choice Questions- Student created- Must be typed
 (Used by teacher as test review material)

Time Remaining- Class Discussion- What do we know about this lesson?
       Begin lecture notes (depends upon lesson size)
Day 2
Lecture notes
Day 3
-   Remind Students
- 3 Written/Typed HW assignments due tomorrow-Day 4
- Textbook and Cliffs Reading must be finished by Day 4
- Quiz always likely on Day 4 and Day 5…………..

Lecture notes – (potentially finish lecture notes today)

Day 4

- Collection/Review of 3 HW assignments

- Chap outline- Teacher may perform visual/not collect
- Review Chap Review Questions answers- class dialogue
- MC Questions- ask class some questions

Finish lecture notes, if needed

QUIZ  -scantron, fill in? The possibilities are…………

Reminder- Study for Upcoming Tests

Powerpoint slides- Chapter Images- Time allowing

Day 5

Test date(s) given to class- MC, DBQ, FR  - varies by lesson

Homework handed back


Slides- Chapter Images- time allowing

Conclusion of Lesson
- Questions on lecture notes/class discussion
- Student MC questions used as test review


Depending on Lesson Size, unit length ranges from 6 to 10 maximum school days
- Day’s 6-8 are typically TEST DAYS, schedule permitting