Thursday, July 05, 2012

Honor Code

Honor Code – Dr. G. Mick Smith 2012-2013

The purpose of an honor code is to ensure integrity and honesty arising from your academic assessments. In agreeing to the honor code, you pledge that you will be honest in your academic pursuits and you will refrain from the following:

Cheating on tests, quizzes or homework
Allowing others to use your work without authorization from the teacher
Plagiarism—the use of another person’s work, facts or ideas, including computer programs or information from the Internet, without proper acknowledgement
Submitting a copy of a paper or a significant amount of work from a work completed for another class
Any conduct that challenges the academic integrity of the course and your academic achievement
Violations of this code will be dealt with in a fair and thoughtful manner.  

Your signature indicates your understanding of the honor code and your pledge to uphold the code.

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